At FERRAN & JORDI we conduct interior architecture projects in which we transform the spaces to fulfil the needs of our customers. The services we offer include an exchange of suggestions and advice on materials in our studio, but also measuring, floor layout and budgeting, as well as a partial renovation or the development of a comprehensive interior design project with the advice of professional architects when needed. We also offer custom-made furniture for the optimisation and personalisation of the spaces.
One of the services we offer at FERRAN & JORDI is preserving spaces from the course of time, rehabilitating them as well as restoring them, allowing them to return to the brightness they require.

There are pieces such as antiques or singular objects that are difficult or even impossible to replace. Since our goal is to preserve that which is unique, we work alongside skilled craftsmen to restore furniture, gilding and polychromy, fabric or mural paintings, porcelain, metals and glass.

The materials, the textures, the fabrics, the colours, the lighting… Those are all features that make the spaces into places that give off emotions and sensations of warmth, comfort and elegance. That is why at FERRAN & JORDI we take great care in conceiving the project and we also offer a previous analysis of the space in order to achieve an atmosphere that is unique and original, making use of every digital tool available.